Mr. Strand's Site

College Credit - Calculus & Pre-Calculus

Welcome to my website! You will find all of the homework listed for each day that we have had a class. In addition, you can find all of my podcasts for each course and each chapter listed. The podcasts are listed last to first under each chapter so you may need to scroll through to find the desired podcast.

I am available for help everyday before school semester 1 & 2 in room 2715. Please stop by anytime!! Or you may also visit me in the Middle School Principal's Office.

Both of the classes are college credit through University of MN and the Calculus course is also an Advance Placement course. It is my hope that I will challenge you this year and help each of you be more prepared for life beyond KSS!!

Keys to Success:

1) Be Engaged in class (Be present)

2) Do your Practice Problems (Homework)

3) Ask for help when needed! Do not get behind and/or dig a hole!

I look forward to working with all of you this year!!


Mr. Strand